Over two acres of adjoining site is master planned to accommodate three generations of one family.  The site design is based on Feng Shui principles and its radial dial on cardinal axis.  Their goals are to have strong visual connections to the natural surroundings via large windows with good cross ventilation within the residence.  This active family of four was attracted to the site having a direct access to the Arroyo de la Laguna stream in the rear of its property.   The program includes a Pool Cabana, 54' long pool and hot tub and detached garage structure.  The gathering between the families is thought to occur in and around the pool.  We integrated sustainable building systems such as installing photovoltaic panels on standing seam metal roofs, designing a very high R-value unvented roof assembly, highly insulated walls, radiant flooring throughout with ample ventilation below the residence for cooling and high solar reflectivity rated glazing in the window and door systems.   The use of natural materials with low to no VOCs was also a priority.  Completed in 2013.  Located in Pleasanton, California.